2019-20 NCCEP Standing Committees

Committee/Description Chair Members



The Bylaws Committee is in charge of maintaining our NCCEP bylaws and ensuring that we are in compliance with ACEP Bylaws. Additionally, the committee carefully analyzes ACEP Council Resolutions and makes a presentation with recommendations to the NCCEP BOD each year prior to Scientific Assembly.


Charles Henrichs, MD

Jennifer Casaletto, MD

Michael Utecht, MD



The Education Committee is responsible for developing the curriculum for our June and Fall CME conferences and ensuring that CME is approved through ACEP. The committee actively looks for new content experts in all areas of EM practice and practice management.

Jill Benson, MD (WEPPA)


Joshua Broder, MD (Duke)

Jennifer Casaletto, MD

Will McCammon, DO (Campbell/Southeastern)

Abhi Mehrotra, MD (UNC)

Olga Otter, MD (UNC)

Bret Nicks, MD (WFU)

Matt Sullivan, MD (CMC)




The Executive Committee includes the President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past President and makes decisions regarding the day to day operation of the College.


Sankalp Puri, MD


Scott Brown, MD

Jennifer Casaletto, MD

D. Matthew Sullivan, MD




The Legislative Committee is becoming one of the most important strategic committees in NCCEP. Our political presence has steadily grown in recent years as we continue to gain additional credibility in Raleigh. The committee works to build relationships with key legislators on important issues such as liability reform, scope of practice, balance billing, and other issues. Joining this committee will provide opportunities to meet with legislators and help them better understand our concerns and the safety net services we provide.


Thomas Bernard III, MD

Josie Bowen, MD

Dan Buckland, MD, PhD

Greg Cannon, MD

Keia Hewitt, MD

Melissa Johnson, MD

David Kammer, MD

Jeff Klein, MD

Tommy Mason, MD

John Mearns, MD

Daniel Minior, MD

Sankalp Puri, MD

Steve Small, MD

Michael Utecht, MD



The charge of the Membership/Communication Committee is to get as many board certified emergency and resident physicians to join ACEP/NCCEP and to provide them with valuable information regarding our many benefits and activities. This committee is also responsible for the website and EPIC.


Matt Sullivan, MD

David Kammer, MD





The Nominating Committee works to find members in the College to serve in leadership positions and presents a slate of nominees to the membership at the annual meeting.


Matt Sullivan, MD

Scott Brown, MD

Jennifer Casaletto, MD

Sankalp Puri, MD



Practice Management


The Practice Management Committee has unlimited possibilities as the scope and value have yet to be determined. The leadership and direction of one of the talented ED group leaders in our state would be a perfect fit and we would welcome experienced practice managers of your groups as ex-officio members of this committee.


Bret Nicks, MD

John Bednar, MD

Michael Frye, MD

Jeff Klein, MD

Mark Jaben, MD

Tommy Mason, MD

Abhi Mehrotra, MD

Jennifer Raley, MD





The Reimbursement Committee monitors reimbursement activity on the state and national level and works to maintain and improve reimbursement practices related to government and commercial payers. The committee works closely with the Legislative Committee to present a unified front as many issues fall under the domain of both committees.


Seth Bleier, MD


Jill Benson, MD

Charles Bregier, MD

Michael Frye, MD

Ed Gaines, JD

Jeff Klein, MD

Abhi Mehrotra, MD

Madji Namde, MD

Jennifer Raley, MD



The EMS Committee is a very active committee that works closely with NC OEMS in developing standards and guidelines regarding the delivery of the highest quality EMS care in the nation. This is a great committee to join for any who are passionate about EMS systems and care, and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and jump in.

Doug Swanson, MD

Darrel Nelson, MD (Co-Chair)


Roy Alson, MD

Matthew Harmody, MD

Seth Hawkins, MD

Brian Kitch, MD

Thomas Lacy, MD

Juan March, MD

Henderson McGinnis, MD

Howie Mell, MD

Mark Quale, MD

Susan Schreffler, MD

Jason Stopyra, MD

Bruce Whitman, MD

Jefferson Williams, MD


Updated: July 2, 2019