Legislative Update for 06/27/14

This week the divisions between the House and Senate majorities, which many were hoping to see narrow on the State budget, Medicaid reform and several other issues, instead seemed to worsen as the week progressed. This report includes updates on the Medicaid reform bill and provisions of the House “mini-budget.” Read the full report here.

Legislative Update for 06/23/14

This legislative report includes updates on bills regarding the motorcycle helmet laws study, mopeds, and research on hemp extract development, production, and use for the treatment of seizure disorders. Read the full report here.

Legislative Update for 06/13/14

The House completed its entire budget process this week as well, and this reports includes some of the differences between the Senate and House budget versions.

Clearly, the House budget is better for the House of Medicine and we will push hard for the House version while the budget is in Conference Committee. For the full report, click here.


Legislative Update for 6/6/14

Colleen Kochonanek, NCEEP Legislative Council, digs in to the very controversial Senate bugdet, including Medicaid provider cuts and developement of a plan to divert psychiatric issues away from the ED.  Read the full report here.

Legislative Update for 6/2/14

The second week of the short session has seen several major pieces of legislation including significant taxation and regulatory changes land on the Governor’s desk. NCCEP is also tracking several bills of interest, including a bill in the House that would continue investigation into the a Medicaid ACO model, as well as House and Senate Bills that would allow Certified Nurse Midwives to practice without physician supervision.  For more information, see the full legislative report from Colleen Kochanek, NCCEP Legislative Counsel

Legislative Update for 5/23/14

The North Carolina General Assembly convened the 2014 “short” legislative session on Wednesday, May 14th, and promptly set a pace that even the most seasoned veterans of state government would call blistering. Major legislation on taxes, regulatory reform, and energy policy were set in motion within the first days of the session.

One issue of interest to EM providers is the proposed “HOUSE BILL 1037, Strengthen Controlled Substances Monitoring” mandate the development of opioid prescribing guidelines for adoption by the NCMB as well as mandate CME for prescribers.

For more information, see the full legislative report from Colleen Kochanek, NCCEP Legislative Counsel

Legislative Update for 5/13/14

The North Carolina General Assembly will start short session on May 14th.  Throughout the legislative session Colleen Kochanek, NCCEP’s Legislative Counsel, will be providing us with updates.  This week’s update gives a preview of the issues that the legislature is likely to address this year. Colleen reports that budget issues generally dominate the short session, and the same trend is likely to hold true this year.  Currently there is a $445 million shortfall in the budget, including a medicaid shortfall of as much as $180 million.  Also in the session, the legislature will hear back form a number of oversight and study commissions that were formed during the last legislative session, including the commission looking at Medicaid reform in the state.  The full update is available on our website here.