August 3rd, the General Assembly was back in Raleigh, just over a month after the end of the 2017 “long session” on June 30th. The session was scheduled in anticipation of Governor’s vetoes that would need to be considered, however in the days leading up to the session legislative leaders announced that veto override votes would be put off until a later date, possibly during the session scheduled for September 6th. Despite this announcement, the Governor issued a proclamation calling the legislature back into session (also on August 3rd) to consider his vetoes, a Constitutional necessity to prevent the vetoed bills from becoming law without an override vote. In a usual sequence of events the session called by Gov. Cooper was convened and immediately adjourned, then the session called by the legislature was convened after a short break. When that session began, it was still unclear exactly what, if anything, the legislature intended to do. Read the full report here.