The legislative session is entering a new phase, as the House and Senate begin work on a compromise budget. As we have reported, the differences between the spending plans passed by each chamber are vast and numerous, many of the policy provisions included in the Senate budget are controversial, and all indications are the process will be as contentious as it is lengthy. The Senate has announced it intends to complete all policy committee work by July 23rd, with the implied threat that bills important to the House will be stranded unless the budget is resolved in an agreeable manner. Of course, there are many bills important to Senate members that will be stranded in the House if that chamber follows suit, meaning all remaining issues will be resolved in the context of the budget negotiations, and many good policy bills (even those with widespread support) may become victim to the standoff, possibly stalled until the “short” session next year. We will continue to push for good legislation to be heard and passed, despite the current and deepening stagnation. Read the full report here.