This week at the General Assembly was dominated, once again, by action on controversial and contentious issues. The Senate approved its version of the budget (see below), setting up what looks to be a drawn-out process of negotiating a compromise version, the House approved an omnibus gun bill and held another public hearing on their Medicaid reform plan, and both chambers took up (without notice) a bill to expand the Voter ID requirements that were approved last session and currently the subject of a court battle. While debating the budget on the floor, Sen. Ralph Hise, co-Chair of the Senate Health policy and budget committees, referred to the now years-long battle between the chambers over Medicaid reform and said “this time we don’t go home until it’s done.” Speaker Moore, during an interview that aired the night before, talked about a 2-month continuing resolution being necessary to provide time for negotiations on the State spending plan. Read the full report here.