Legislators were faced with the stark reality of the budget hole that they are looking at as a result of COVID-19 with the revised consensus revenue forecast, which predicted a total net drop in expected collections of $5 billion for the current budget biennium. Clearly difficult decisions will have to be made and instead of spending more time fighting the Governor on the budget, legislative leaders have moved way from a comprehensive one-year budget and adopted a strategy of “single shot budget bills.” These single-issue budget bills will pull down funds unappropriated last year and from various cash sources to fund state needs for the next fiscal year. Already, both houses have approved bills to fund communications technology for emergency responders and provisions related to the Raise the Age legislation. The Senate has approved another three appropriations bills, and the House has approved six. Still more bills are moving through committees. At the same time, budget writers and legislative leaders are waiting to see if Congress will give the states more flexibility in spending the federal money targeted for COVID-19. Read the full report here.