When session ended last week, following a chaotic budget process in the House, expectations were this week would be relatively uneventful. The Memorial Day holiday precluded action on Monday, the House held-a no-vote session on Tuesday and no committees met that day. The Senate Appropriations subcommittees reviewed the House budget briefly on Wednesday but took no action on their own budget. By the end of the week, however, some of the most contentious votes of the session on some of the most controversial issues of our time had been taken, and the Governor had issued his first veto of the session. A number of noncontroversial bills dealing with women and children’s safety were added to a House bill about abortion restrictions and run through the Senate process, to the ire of many sponsors and advocates of those unrelated bills, some of whom felt compelled to vote against the entire bill (a vote which will likely come up in their next campaign, which many felt was the whole purpose of combining the issues in the first place). Read the full report here.