With the announcement of an ambitious teacher pay plan and passage of a bill that calls for a $2,000 increase in the standard deduction over two years (as opposed to 4 in the House plan), the Senate has created significant anticipation for the release of their budget plan. As we’ve reported the chambers agreed to a $22.22 billion spending limit, meaning the proposals outlined by the Senate will have to be paid for with cuts to other areas of the House budget. What will be cut, and by how much, is the question on everyone’s mind, and Senate budget writers are keeping their cards very close to the vest. While some gamesmanship is expected to set the table for negotiations with the House, the release of the Senate spending plan is expected to dominate political discussions next week. The full plan will be in committee on Tuesday with floor votes expected Wednesday and Thursday, at which point the most significant work on the budget will begin – between the chambers, behind closed doors and, we hope, ahead of schedule. Read the full report here.