Every “short session” year the same confident predictions can be head in the halls and offices of the General Assembly: “We’re going to do the budget, pass a few time-sensitive bills and go home,” “we’ll be home for the fireworks,” “it will truly be a short session,” etc. And, just as predictably, those confident predictions give way to political reality as one issue or another (or, several) creates conflicts between and within the chambers that cause delays, slowdowns, and the occasional total deadlock. While there are certainly issues that could create such conflicts available this session – what, if anything, to do about House Bill 2 and the continued backlash, how to spend the $330 million surplus the State currently enjoys, etc. – it has been many years since things moved as quickly and as relatively smoothly as they have this year. After the chambers agreed on a spending target, the House appropriations subcommittees met last week to unveil their portions of the budget. The House is expected to pass their full spending plan and send it to the Senate by the end of this week. Read the full report here.