While a number of policy issues saw action this week (including a trespassing bill aimed at curbing activist surveillance of agriculture facilities and a teen tanning ban), the news on Jones St. was dominated by the release, on Thursday morning, of the House Appropriations Subcommittees’ budget proposals. With the unexpected news last week that the State had a $400 million surplus for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and $600 million for 2016-17 (rather than a $273 million deficit for 2015-16 that was projected as late as March), the pressure for each Subcommittee to find cuts in their specific subject areas was greatly reduced. While some reductions were proposed (many of which were eliminations of state positions that have been vacant for extended periods), most of the painful cuts that advocates, organizations, and State agencies had been bracing for were nowhere to be found. Read full report here.