Last Thursday was the crossover deadline (by which all bills that do not have a Finance or Appropriations impact must be passed by the chamber in which they were filed, or be “dead” until the next full session convenes in 2017), and last week was incredibly hectic as legislators, staff, and lobbyists worked to move bills through committee and onto the floor for a vote. While the Senate concluded their work relatively quickly each day, the House went late into each night, finishing at roughly 2:30 a.m. Thursday morning after a marathon 18–hour day. Over 200 bills were passed by the House alone last week, with committee hearings held during breaks – some around members’ desks on the floor – passing or making last minute changes to a variety of bills. As relieved and exhausted House members filed out in the early hours, many remarked that the breakneck pace was no way to govern, as they do each year after crossover, yet we expect next session the scene will be much the same as it was last week, with little time for members to read, let alone fully comprehend, some of the laws they voted to enact. Read full report here.