The General Assembly has re-convened for the short session to continue to address needs of North Carolinians as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and to consider various other bills, as well as the state’s budget. Leaders have indicated that they hope to complete their business within four to six weeks, but recognize that this is subject to change due to the uncertain nature of the pandemic and the uncertainty around federal coronavirus funding. Lawmakers are hard at work determining how to address the drastic economic shift in North Carolina, as a result of the pandemic. “Before COVID-19 hit North Carolina and our nation we were looking, here in North Carolina, at a significant budget surplus,” Senate leader Phil Berger said. “Now, our nonpartisan fiscal staff is estimating that we will have a multi-billion dollar shortfall as far as our revenue is concerned.” The losses could be as much as $4 billion in tax revenue for the state, which would be around 16% of the state’s $25 billion budget. This sharp decline in revenue could result in huge cuts across state government. Read the full report here.