Last week was very intense at the General Assembly, particularly in the House, with dozens of committee hearings and hundreds of votes cast on a wide range of issues. It seemed that every controversial social issue was the subject of debate or negotiation, as bills dealing with abortion, immigration and animal rights moved forward, and a “religious freedom” bill similar to one that sparked condemnation when passed in Indiana was declared dead for the session by Speaker Moore. An unusual number of bills were voted down in the House this week (normally sponsors do not bring bills up for a vote unless they are sure they have the numbers to pass it), including bills that would allow public funding of charter school construction, require candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor to run as a team and scale back the renewable energy requirement for utilities. Other issues that saw action last year but did not reach the Governor’s desk, such as banning the use of tanning beds by minors, the repeal or modification of Certificate of Need laws that approve new healthcare facilities and regulation of dog breeders, were all back on the agenda. Read the full report here.