This week the General Assembly did not meet, with most members taking a “Spring Break” and some members of leadership meeting privately to consider which issues will be taken up throughout the remainder of the session. The House bill filing deadline, previously set for April 8th, was moved by new House rules adopted last week to next Tuesday, April 14th. (This deadline is for public bills, the deadline for bills with a fiscal impact is now April 16th.) The new house rules also extended the deadline for bill requests by members to the drafting staff, and increased the per-member bill limit from 10 to 15. With over 1,300 bills filed by the end of last week, these changes promise to push the total number even higher than expected. With so many bills filed and more to come, the crossover deadline (by which a public bill must pass the chamber in which it was filed, now set in both chambers for April 30) looms large. With a limited number of committee meetings possible over the next few weeks, the rush to get bills cleared for a hearing, through the committee process, and passed on the floor will be tremendous. Read the full report here.