On February 22nd, the Charlotte City Council passed a comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinance that, among other provisions, included a LGBT-inclusive public accommodation requirement. This provision would ban public businesses from discriminating against LGBT customers in places of public accommodations (including bars, restaurants, taxis, etc.) The most controversial aspect of this provision is that it would specifically require businesses to allow transgender men and women to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender. The ordinance – which Mayor Roberts and some Council members pledged to support during their campaigns, passed 7-4 and was scheduled to go into effect April 1st.  The Governor and legislative leaders promised to repeal the ordinance before that date, citing concerns that the “bathroom ordinance” would force women and girls to share facilities with men, jeopardizing their safety. Supporters of the ordinance noted that over 200 cities across the country have adopted similar ordinances and safety has not been an issue. Read more here.