This week the battle between legislative leaders and Gov. Cooper intensified as the pace of the session continued to slowly gain speed. As the ongoing conflict about the Senate’s authority to confirm Cooper’s Cabinet Secretaries works its way through the courts, a third confirmation hearing was held for Sec. Larry Hall (Veterans and Military Affairs), who once again did not attend (Yes the same Larry Hall that served in the NC House of Representatives and was the Minority Leader). The Nominations Committee voted to subpoena Sec. Hall as the Governor’s team reiterated their position that he is not legally obligated to appear. A three-judge panel has denied a preliminary injunction to stop the hearings but found that “the Advice and Consent Amendment require the Governor to begin the process by first notifying the Senate of the nominee, and the Senate cannot begin the advice and consent process until the Governor submits a nominee.” The Governor has not yet formally submitted his nominees and insists he will not do so until after the March 7 trial which will determine the constitutionality of the confirmation process. Read the full report here