When is the next Board Meeting?

Next scheduled Board of Directors meetings:

  • February 15, 2017 (3p – 4p) Board Monthly Call
  • March 15, 2017 (3p – 4p) Board Monthly Call
  • April 19, 2017 (10a – 2p) Board Meeting – GoToMeeting
  • May 17, 2017 (3p – 4p) Board Monthly Call

All NCCEP Board of Director’s meetings are open to any interested member. Please contact Colleen Kochanek at the NCCEP office for more information.



Jeff Klein, MD, FACEP (2018)

Indian Land, SC


Matthew Sullivan, MD, FACEP (2018)

Charlotte, NC


Sankalp Puri, MD, FACEP (2018)

Charlotte NC

Immediate Past President

Jennifer Raley, MD, FACEP (2018)

Raleigh, NC

DIRECTORS (Term of Office)

Thomas Bernard III, MD (2018)

Scott W. Brown, MD, FACEP (2018)

Raleigh, NC


Jennifer Casaletto, MD, FACEP (2019)

Mount Holly, NC


Eric Maur, MD, FACEP (2018)

Hickory, NC


David Kammer, MD (2019)

Raleigh, NC


John Mearns, DO (2018)

Wilmington, NC


Madjimbaye (Madji) Namde, MD (2018)

Cary, NC


Douglas Trocinski, MD, FACEP (2019)



Brad Watling, MD, FACEP, FAAEM (2019)

Charlotte, NC

Resident Board Members

Chanel Fischetti, MD (Duke)

Jeremiah Gaddy, MD (WFU)

Thomas Krajewski, MD (UNC)

Kyle Roedersheimer, MD (CMC)

COUNCILLORS (Term of Office)

Gregory Cannon, MD, FACEP (2018)

Cary, NC


Jennifer Casaletto, MD, FACEP (2018)

Mount Holly, NC


Charles Henrichs, MD, FACEP (2019)

Hendersonville, NC


Tommy Mason, MD, FACEP (2018)

Cornelius, NC


Abhi Mehrotra, MD, FACEP (2018)

Durham, NC


Stephen A. Small, MD, FACEP (2019)

Charlotte, NC


Michael J. Utecht, MD, FACEP (2019)

New Hill, NC

Ex Officio:              

Jeff Klein, MD, FACEP                     (2018)

Jennifer Raley, MD, FACEP            (2018)

Matthew Sullivan, MD, FACEP      (2018)

Alternate Councillor:

Sankalp Puri, MD, FACEP                (2018)


Colleen Kochanek
PO Box 1038
Wake Forest, NC 27588
Ph: 919-881-0872
Cell:     919-274-0982
Email:  executivedirector@nccep.org


Elizabeth Taylor
PO Box 1038
Wake Forest, NC 27588
Ph: 919-747-8391

For information about advertising and event opportunities,contact Elizabeth Taylor at events@nccep.org

Matt Sullivan, MD, FACEP