As is our custom, we have prepared the 2017 Final Legislative Report which includes summaries of new laws approved by the General Assembly and (sometimes) signed into law by the Governor. The interesting thing is that the legislative session doesn’t quite feel over as two and maybe three special sessions have already been planned to deal with a variety of issues (See Senate Bill 686) and unfinished business. This makes lobbyists and probably legislators a little antsy as there does not seem to be a moment where one can relax and feel that no surprise legislation or bad ideas are lurking around the corner. I have never quite understood this as if I was a legislator (heaven forbid) I would want a complete break where no one was “lobbying” me to do something during the special sessions. Of course, since they are also fundraising during this time frame, maybe my question answers itself!

We have included bill summaries of relevant legislation, a final summary of the 2017-2019 Budget and some bills that are currently in conference committee and are eligible to be considered during both the August and September special sessions. The legislature is also expected to deal with the many bills vetoed by the Governor – 4 bills at the last count. Although the Republicans have a veto-proof majority, several of these bills had bi-partisan support and opposition so it may be difficult to over-ride the Governor’s veto on some of these. So far, every bill vetoed by the Governor has been over-ridden by the legislature but I would predict that one of two of these vetoes will stand. The Governor also let 4 bills become law without his signature and we have noted those in the report. Read the full 2017 Final Legislative Report here.