The North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians (NCCEP) is a chartered chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. NCCEP is a diverse group of practicing emergency physicians, including academicians, private practice physicians, large groups, small groups, individual physicians, board certified, board eligible, rural, urban, residents, and medical students. The College works to advocate for Emergency Physicians and our patients.
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Legislative Update for 06/28/16

At the end of last week the House and Senate leadership reported that much progress had been made in reaching a compromise on the 22.2 billion dollar state budget. On 10:30 p.m. Friday a House Finance Chairman posted to social media an image of “white smoke” (signaling the selection of a new Pope at the Vatican), which veterans of the General Assembly understood to mean an agreement had been reached between the chambers. A final review of language is set for Monday, and the document is expected to be posted online late Monday night. While the final budget is a “conference report” (compromise version of legislation passed by both chambers in different forms) and cannot be amended on the floor, it is still a “two-day bill,” meaning separate votes must be taken over consecutive sessions. Given a House rule that requires the document to be public for 48 hours before a vote can take place, the House is expected to hold budget votes on Thursday and Friday (likely near midnight Friday morning) before adjourning for the holiday weekend. The Senate does not have a public notice rule and can vote the budget out earlier in the week if they choose. Read the full report here.

Legislative Update for 06/20/16

The final weeks of each legislative session are marked by a few familiar signs, many of which have been seen over the past week, raising hopes that the General Assembly may well be nearing adjournment. Both chambers are moving bills through their respective Rules Committees, typically used as a clearinghouse at the end of session as the chambers’ regular committees begin to shut down. Last-minute committee hearings have been called, sometimes after the day’s session has concluded, to move bills through the process as expeditiously as possible. Budget subcommittee negotiators took to social media to announce they’d reached agreement with their counterparts, and the Senior Budget Chair in the House provided an update on the overall negotiations that provided some hope the two chambers are nearing a compromise. While controversial issues like Certificate of Need and continued tax reform were discussed in committee, neither seemed to be issues that would create a session-extending logjam in the way differences on Medicaid Reform and Teacher Assistants did in the past few sessions. Despite some furious lobbying on a number of issues, most of the proposals viewed as being controversial are being pushed off to the 2017 long session, with “we’re wrapping up” being offered as increasingly common explanation. There are a few issues that may cause some delay, however. Both chambers passed a 2016 Regulatory Reduction Act, though the versions were quite different, which will require a compromise version to be negotiated between the chambers. Tentative progress on a bill to repeal parts of the controversial House Bill 2 seems to have stalled, though pressure on the legislature to act on the issue remains strong. Budget negotiations could deadlock on any number of issues; however, the signs on Jones St. continue to point to a common priority of both chambers – adjournment as close to the end of June as possible. Read the full report here.

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Part-Time Physician Consultant at Victory Junction

Victory Junction is a searching for a part-time physician consultant for our camp for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses. Requirements include: Monthly meetings in person or over the phone, occasional overnight stays at camp when camp is in session.

The mission of Victory Junction is to enrich the lives of children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses by providing life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering, in a safe and medically sound environment. The Medical Director for Victory Junction provides the means of fulfilling the mission statement, and our goal is to be a medical center of excellence for each of the conditions and illnesses we serve. This is accomplished by providing leadership that provides superior medical services to campers, families and staff when at Victory Junction.

See full job description and requirements here.

Contact: Denise Leone at or at (336) 495-2015.